Settlement Type: Small fishing town.
Demographics: Primary: Humans (Anari and Saxa) Secondary: Halflings (both Lightfoot and Stout); Half Elves (Mostly of Woodelf stock) Tertiary: All others.
Politics:Elected town council of six, chaired by an elected mayor. I times of duress, power may be given over to a single leader.
Religion: Primary: Neorthe and Eostre, Secondary: Thrunor and Ullr


Kingsport has been around since the people first started to explore the North during the Great Expanse, in the Empire of Ishtar’s youth. The fishing in the region was excellent, and still is, what farmland they took was verdant, and the weather was mostly fair. They named it Kingsport as the patron King of the explorers who originally settled (no one recalls who that was) had funded the expedition, Ishtar eventually swallowed that nation and the towns isolation has left it largely self governed.

The people have been pious under the guidance of clergies of Neorthe and Eostre, and have been careful not to overwork the waters. Despite that, it’s still considered a fairly rough little town, as it’s remote location, especially now that the Empire is in decline, has made it a place for outcasts and those wanting to start over after a run in with the law. It’s history, beyond is honestly, fairly uneventful. Though in it’s early years, especially when the town attempted to mine Mount Modra (otherwise known as Blue Mountain), there were a few clashes with the native Wood Elves, things were smoothed over, the town didn’t consider the mine to be worth the trouble it itself gave them, nevermind the Elves, and now a peace exists between the two communities.

The town of Kingsport runs as a sort of representative democracy. The people choose six unpaid councilmen and a mayor (who is given a very small salary in to help offset the time taken out of his trade for administrative duties) every 7th Harvest Tide. During that celebration, which takes a whole week as opposed to the customary three days, the Council will put forth their preferred candidate for Mayor. What follows is a series of arguments, either from the council members, the candidates, or both, as to why they should be Mayor. Talking someone down is considered bad form, but is not unheard of, and some candidates turn down the job completely. Ultimately there is a feast and entertainment, and before people have gotten too deep in their cups, a vote is made and later that evening the Mayor is announced. The Mayor serves as a tie breaker and adviser, he is often chosen as a defacto ruler in times of great duress.

Due to the town being a close knit community of sorts, positions of mayor and councilman are held for numerous terms. some positions are filled for life, while others are filled for whoever happens to be the most successful the year of the election. Councilmen are supposed to be masters of their field, and while it’s not an official rule of the town charter, the people don’t like doubling up of council members fields of expertise. Therefor, the town usually has one councilman representing the fishermen, one representing traders, one farmers, one craftsmen, one religion, and one who represents relations with the elves and nature of the island. While this is not a strict order of things, this is usually how things fall with rare exceptions.

Mayor: Sandor Celsus; human, male, 38.
A veteran soldier turned merchant of moderate success. While not vastly wealthy, his knack for logistics, combined with his taking leadership during a pirate assault on the town ten years back, made him a town favorite. He has been re-elected once already.

Korik Rockfist; male dwarf, representative of the traders.
Ignarum Cato; male human, represents scholars and history.
Father Tomnus; male human, represents religion.
Sower Yrsa Agdisdotter; female human, represents farmers.

Korik is one of the rare dwarves on the island, and he proved an excellent merchant, he holds a good-natured rivalry with the Mayor, his advice has helped the towns economy excel, and while he might make a good mayor, he holds little interest in the niceties of being Mayor and likes what he does just fine. He too has fighting experience, and doubles as the head of the town militia. Ignarum is the town wizard, and since the old druid who lived in town passed on, he’s been the one the town has turned to for it’s strange occurrences.

Father Tomnus and Sower Yrsa could easily double up in their respective fields, but in a way it’s considered acceptable. Father Tomnus is a retired fisherman while Sower Yrsa is both one of the more successful farmers as well as the head Sower of the church of Eostre. So while Farmers and Fisher’s have their own representatives, they have friends in these two. There have been some grumblings, however, that the religious leader should be from something other than the most dominant faith, and the farmers leader should be from the farming community

The town is a fishing village first and a farming community second, as such, the Lord of the Sea, Neorthe, is the patron deity of Kingsport. Eostre still holds a lot of influence among those who farm and those in the town proper who have been raised by farmers. The two dominant faiths both have their own churches; Our Lady of the Emerald Waves is in the center of town, while a farm on the edge of town holds the church of Allmother in an renovated barn.

Currently Father Tomnus and Sower Yrsa are the heads of those respective faiths. Both religious leaders have a sort of harmony as they keep to their own business but consult each other when their matters overlap. Sower Yrsa’s husband is a Husbander of Eostre himself, handling the animal side of the faith, and the two will often go to Father Tomnus together when they need to discuss matters of over fishing.

Aside from the two prominent religions, there exist two shrines to respected deities, though ones who don’t have quite the dedicated following. These are the shrines to Thrunor and Ullr. When fishermen depart on particularly long fishing trips, they are greeted by a shrine of Thunor, the Storm Lord, whom they honor in the hopes he might give them good weather. The shrine of Ullr exists in a hunting lodge and has been well tended ever since things cooled down between the Elves and the human community so many generations ago. By default, there is a Hunstman of Ullr who tends to the lodge, the shrine, and serves as a go between with the Elves. Currently Arik Bjornson, a man with Elvish blood (though not from the local tribes), serves as the towns diplomat.


Not much can be said for the local military. A group of more violence savvy individuals among the sailors handle any pirates that come through, if combat is beyond a skirmish, the Mayor might join in and lead. Able-bodied men with enough time on their hands are in the town militia, which is led by councilman Rockfist, a veteran of ground combat to balance Mayor Celsus’s naval experiences. However this town is a touch on the rough side, or at least inhabited by though who used to be on the rough side, so if the need is great, it can muster far more than the militia.


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