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We are not from here…


We aren’t sure where we come from, but the High Elves, or Eladrin, welcomed us with open arms, but only because they were at war with the Dead Tarkatan and needed all the bodies they could muster. It is said that we fled one hopeless war for another. They tried to convince us that this was their world, but they were every bit the interlopers we were, they had simply been here longer. The Elves were even more surprised to see their own brethren among the Exodus, Wood Elves, High Elves, Eladrin, Drow, it was bizarre though there had been little time to be inquisitive.

Not much is known of what came before, only that we fled, all of us, and wound up here. After the chaos of the Rotting War, what records of our previous worlds existed had been destroyed, or lost. Somehow this included the very nature of what it was we fled. As I said, the Eladrin welcomed us with open arms, we integrated nicely into their Empire, but it was quickly revealed that even before the war it was rotten to the core, and it didn’t take long for the populace to tire of the aristocracy, especially when it was bolstered by the newcomers and still recovering from an enemy that nearly destroyed it in the first place.

The Elven Empire was sundered, their Aristocracy shattered, they soon surrendered rather than fight an all out war to the finish. It has been hundreds of years since then, the last of those Elves are dead and gone, but civilization has made a come back. While some people splintered from the bulk of the populace to live among their own kind, for the most part, differing peoples live together. This conglomeration of races and cultures has it’s flaws, but the benefits have allowed civilization to prosper with the sharing of ideas and knowledge.


However this world is not safe. It boasts many creatures, once thought only to exist in Legend, others entirely unheard of, and others we wish we haven’t. The Eladrin Empire may have covered much of the continent, but the Northlands had yet to be unexplored, never mind the possibilities of other continents. Indeed, this new home of ours was ripe with adventure.


There is mystery and wonder here as well, ancient ruins, either belonging to the Eladrin Ancestors, or peoples older still. They call to the adventurous, who yearn to explore their depths, face their perils, and perhaps even return with their riches.


However there is a darkness here, be it the Sleeping Dead Tarkatan to the south, resting, waiting, biding their time; or the bubbling gibbering corruption that some say may have followed us here, it is clear that among the dangers there are greater things.


This is a land filled with innovation, a world filled with mystery and the detritus of lost civilizations, a place of danger, and refuge from threats we can thus far only imagine.

This is Sondvald!

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