Sondvald (D&D 5e)

In Medias Res

Where we left off, where we begin...


This campaign is a continuation of an old one, and in some ways a reboot, in a way you’re starting in the middle of things. The upshot is that we left off at a pretty solid stopping point.

Kara Warbraid, Torn and Kern Bjornsunnu, and Jorek Silverhawk are three Dwarve’s and a Dragonborn respectively, who pooled their collective resources to begin clearing out and recovering the lost city of Gor Artifis. One of the first major Dwarven settlements after the Exodus. Standing lore is that Dwarves who were none too keen on joining the Elven Empire of Kel built themselves some ships and sailed north, landing not far from where New Scarum sits today, marched a distance inland to the base of some mountains where they found rich veins of various ores, and settled.


DMofDoom DMofDoom

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