Character Creation:
There are two methods of stat generation. One is point buy and the other is rolling.

Point Buy:
30 points to be spent on stats. Stats all start at 8 point default.

Score | Cost from 8
09 | 1
10 | 2
11 | 3
12 | 4
13 | 5
14 | 7
15 | 9
16 | 12

Only one method: 4d6 subtract the lowest, six times.

If PC’s get a very low series of stats, I might show mercy and permit them to use point buy.

Character Death
A few simple rules involving making a new character after your old one bites it. This is subject to change at my leisure, which might even include bribery, after all, I never claimed to be LG.

  • No identical relatives, friends, or ‘reincarnated’ versions of your character. Any attempt is likely someone trying to do something cheap, so just ‘no’. In other words, new characters should be different in personality and class.
  • Brand new characters will begin at the average party level. If you die, the next character you bring in will be at the average party level -1. The exception for this would be if you somehow manage to die in the first or second session before you’ve even managed to advance, or if we’re at 1st level for some reason.
  • I accept that some people want to play ridiculous or half serious concepts, however, while I want this game to be fun for you guys, once it gets too painful, I’ll ask once to tone it down. Then the universe may decide it’s had enough and enemies will notice how obnoxious you are to existence as a whole. Please don’t make me stoop to that level of petty, try and work out something that won’t fuck the experience for others or ruin group cohesion.


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